Bank of Irrawaddy River, Bagan, Myanmar.

Afternoon at a temple site in Bagan, Myanmar.

Construction site for the new bus station in Bagan.

Md Farhad_Bagan-illimitable Mystery_04

Old Jetty replaced with decorative objects for creating recreational place for tourists.

Air balloon rides over Bagan are the most exciting rides in Bagan and every morning several of these red buses travel through all over the space of Bagan to follow their balloons and collect their passengers when they land.

Every early morning skies of Bagan is filled with western traveler by a western balloon company.

Local people use to swim in the Irrawaddy River.

The big temples in Bagan are usually crowded by tourists every sunset.

Every morning locals enjoy their time by watching flying balloons over their homes.

Horse cart is the one of the most popular activities in Bagan among the tourists.

Illimitable mystery

It all started when my first day start with hearing the sounds of horse cart moving through the streets of Bagan in a very early morning. Its only 5′o clock in the morning and all the western travelers started to move for the sunrise.

After opening Myanmar, Bagan the ancient capital and current archeological zone became the most famous tourist spot for the western travelers. Some big and accessible temples and pagodas among the 2200 remaining filled with tourist during sunrise and sunset. Life is very slow here. All the local business depending on the tourism.

The people who reside here chose cultivation as their major income source beside tourism. Except from the pagodas and temples tourist also love to travel around the famous Irrawaddy river which surround by the most archeological areas of Bagan.

Day by day the increasing numbers of tourists is changing the entire area from its own flavor. Massive development is going through all over the places around the ancient capital.

This project combines landscape, still life and portraits in a series of photos that explore the most famous touristic places in Bagan with tourism, development, lives of people who resides and the western traveler.

Aiming on the strange and unfamiliar, hidden behind an unreasonable mystery with beauty that regardless of it’s obvious magnificence where the images are creating connection with us to express the undefined, mystical presence that wanders around the area.

by M.D. Farhad Rahman

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