Chit Sai Eain & Tun Lin Oo, in front of the palace.

Alex at his home.

Ma Gyi, Chit Sai and their friend – on a drive.

Alex & Thomas


Tin Ko Ko and Myo Min Thet – before their marriage.

Alex & Thomas


La Minn Mie Mie & Shaan Lai yee – at the Kuthodow Pagoda, Mandalay, Myanmar.

Thiri Po Po, who is a make-up artist, is doing make over her client during a pagoda festival.

At the venue of Tin Ko Ko and Myo Min Thet’s marriage.

Te Amon

It was 4am. I got a call. It was MaJee (Ma Gyi Pyint). Last night we planned to go to the Mandalay Hill to see the sunrise. She came to pick me up. We started around 4:15 on Majee’s motorbike. It was March. In the day time the scorching heat of sun can make your blood almost boil, but at the night there were cold waves of winter wind. We both were shivering. Majee started to sing a Burmese country song to keep her mind busy. There were hardly any people on the street. We lost twice. The wind, empty roads & Majee’s singing – the moment was magical.

Whenever I think about Myanmar, I become nostalgic remembering the trip with Majee. After I landed in Mandalay, I met MaJee. I found her because I wanted to work on the LGBT community in Myanmar and she was the leader of one of the LGBT communities in Mandalay. She introduced me to a lot of people. MaJee is a man who fell in love with another men.

Alex & Thomas was one of the cutest couples I met during my trip to Myanmar. I had most of my memorable moments with them. We hang out a lot and became good friends. Some people gave them weird looks, but I thought the people that did that was just as weird.

Whenever we hear the term “LGBT” we usually get a certain kind of visual in our head. Visuals – which can be exotic, erotic or maybe gorgeous. I don’t get that. For my story I wanted to show the relationship between two human beings. For me it hardly matters if the relationship is between a man and woman or between two men or two women. The sweetness, tenderness and more importantly the depth of the relationship matters more to me. In this story my focus was to portray the love between two human beings.

by Mahzabin Haque

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