A man and a dog reads and rests near Yuzana Garden City. Yuzana Garden City is 43 km from downtown Yangon and the main space for migrants around the country.

Sometimes people enjoy themselves with a game of pool for small amount of money in Yuzana Garden City.

A window view from the apartment of Yuzana Garden City.

A family rests in their apartment in Yuzana Garden City .

Interior space from an apartment in Yuzana Garden City.

Road workers near Yuzana Garden City.

Factory workers from Yuzana Garden City goes for work at early morning.

A housewife rests in her apartment in Yuzana Garden City.

A woman takes a walk at night in Yuzana Garden City.

A night view of Yuzana Garden City.

City of small

These images of the city represents the life of migrants from Myanmar moving from the country side to big cities such as Yangon for labor.

Many people from Myanmar have moved to Yangon to get a better income, better opportunities, better living and better education. Still, they are struggling with many difficulties. Their main challenge is the extremely high house rent charges. Most of the people live outside the downtown area of Yangon. Some work at nearby factories and some at jewel painting workshops.

Most of them work for 2000 – 3000 kyats (about 2 to 3 US$) a day, from 7 am to 7 pm, 6 days a week. They have no overtime fees and are charged a 12000 kyats fine for absence per day. They don’t know what the labor act is. They also don’t know how to claim their rights.

They live in Yuzana’s apartments. The apartments have three rooms. Three, sometime four families share these three rooms because they can’t afford to hire the whole apartment. The average price for an apartment is about 60000 Kyats (60 US$) a month. Other people, such as struggling artists also live in this area.

by Thet Htoo

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