A man is diving to rescue material from a sinking boat.

A wreck on the shore. This rescue operation lasted for about three months.

Necessary equipment for divers. If it's damaged, it poses a life threatening risk for the divers.

To construct ships at a state owned dock, the iron body are sanded down.

A sold-out wreck. They earn money from selling wreckage.

A cargo vessel and a small boat running from Yangon to Dala. These vessels and small boats happen to crash each other with the result of losing many lives.

Stevedores are preparing and catering food for dinner. Those stevedores are coming along with the powered schooners from distant places and stay for three days before finishing their jobs and sail back home.

A small motor boat drove into a wreck disguised by the water.

The chief captain striving not to let his boat sink.

The scene of the people working out in the early morning and the cruise at the harbour.

People of the River

The story focuses on the life of those depending on the Yangon River in different ways by highlighting their daily life with how they struggle in their lives and how they make their living along the Yangon River.

My story highlighs the way they struggle for their living. Some dive and search for the buried things scattering in the Yangon River. Sometimes they are hired to find the lost properties in the river and if not hired they just dive, search for the buried thing to sell. Some earn their living by fishing and some working as ferry men. You can see the colorful lives of those relying on the Yangon River.

Zarni Phyo
by Zarni Phyo

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