This is the second release of sizzling samples from our photojournalistic stories from Myanmar, China, Thailand and Malaysia. In each of the coming weeks before our exhibition on the 5th of June we will release one new gift wrapped package of stories.

Today, you can see an excerpt of Therese Alice Sanne’s story about the denied people of Myanmar, or maybe check out Klaudia Lech’s story on why independent, successful, single women and over 30 are categorised as leftover women in the Chinese society. Myanmar student Saw Nang have met a 13 year old girl who supports her family by working in a biscuit factory, while Debasish Shom gives you the story of people trying their luck by drilling oil in Myanmar. Sadia Marium from Bangladesh gives an touching insight in the Nanthar Myaing village, a place known as a resettlement village for the people who are affected by leprosy. Last but not least, Thet Htoo unveils the life of migrants from Myanmar moving from the country side to big cities such as Yangon for labor.

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