Welcome everyone, this is our portal to photojournalistic stories from Myanmar, China, Thailand and Malaysia. In each of the coming weeks before our exhibition on the 5th of June we will release one new gift wrapped package of stories.
Today, you can see an excerpt of Kristoffer Kumars story about temple punk-rockers in Myanmar, or take a look at André Berntsen’s story from Thailand on how life is on dangerous dumpsites that suddenly catches fire. Join Marte Stensland Jørgensen for a look into the elephant working class world, or visit Children of The Sea, Kristian Bålsrøds story on a small society in Malaysia that some people just refer to as “sea gypsies”.

In addition to the A time to talk project, we also want to highlight the work of the talented photojournalists from Myanmar and Bangladesh that we had the honor of meeting in Yangon. See Zarni Phyos black and white story from Yangon River or take a look at M.D. Farhad Rahmans beautiful landscape photojournalism from the ancient city of Bagan. We’ve just started – there’s a lot more to come!

We hope you enjoy our website. Don’t hesitate to share with friends if you like what you see!

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